Monday, June 7, 2010

Report Card Day

There is nothing so scary than report card day when you are a little kid. Even if you know you've been doing well, its still scary.

Well, today was that day in the Sellers' household. Fifi played it cool. After school I asked her about her report card and she handed it over, seemingly unbothered, and ran off with her friend who was visiting after school.

I opened the envelope and peered inside, my heart thudding as if the grades on the form were my own.

Her report card was perfect. Not just really good, but altogether no grade less than the best. I knew it would be very good, so I wasn't really surprised. She's an extremely bright little girl who loves school. But perfect. That caught me by surprise.

Then I remembered a day six years ago when a Doctor measured her head and looked at me with a look of pity before advising me I should start thinking about my options for custodial care. In his opinion she would never be able to function independently. Her head was too small for her to have an IQ in the normal range. She'd never, ever read. He said her head would not grow normally, never catch up and never hit the dreaded "growth curve."

And he was right, sort of. Her head never did hit the curve, but now she is seven they've stopped measuring it, there is no curve anymore. I've even stopped measuring it. :-)

Her IQ is higher than most, she's reading chapter books in first grade and has just brought home a report card that put a tear in her mother's eye.

What a girl I have. What a lucky, lucky Mommy I am.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ~ Children are miracles that often prove us wrong!!