Monday, June 21, 2010

What we expect...

I was thinking today about the book series "What to Expect" You know, When You're Expecting, The Toddler Years etc. (There should be an adoption one, but that's a whole different topic)

I was thinking about what I expected before I adopted. I just can't remember. I think I just had fuzzy visions of my daughter and I snuggled up in a rocking chair. But now as I ponder a third adoption, I realized how much my expectations have changed. I guess the thing about children, is that you should expect anything.

Now, while I still expect late night cuddles and milky kisses, but I'm more realistic. The now-experienced adoptive mommy I've grown to be, expects them to have trouble adjusting, that they will misbehave at times, be funny, make me laugh, make my cry, break my heart while they're making it sing.

I expect they will knock over their milk at dinner, refuse to eat their green beans, make me hand prints for mother’s day, pick me dandelions, be afraid during thunderstorms, make a mess with their toys, fight with their siblings. I expect they will need help, love, understanding and guidance to reach their potential and grow to be whatever God has planned for them.

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  1. There is an adoption book like that. Its called: adoption parenting. Its awesome.