Friday, May 7, 2010

Still More Ideas...


Part of my job in Human Resources was to negotiate the health benefits for my small company. We were self insured for a portion of our claims before the insurance company would take over paying. In my tiny company of only 100 people, that number was $30,000.
What that equates to is my company had a $30,000 deductible when it came to my healthcare. I also know most babies, born with no complications cost the company between $16-20,000. When I adopted, my children cost the company, $0.
At the time, I felt that really wasn’t fair at all, and if you press them, it would be difficult for senior management to deny that’s equitable treatment.
One mom was successful on changing her company’s policy on adoption leave. She suggested the idea via her company’s electronic suggestion box.

Become a one income household

Many two parent families decide it is best for their family if one parent stays home to care for their new child, at least for a while.
The average adoption takes a year or longer. If you start banking the second salary, you’ll have the money you need to adopt in no time and be used to the new budget when your little one arrives.

Turn your hobby into cash

Can you knit? Do you like to scrapbook? Enjoy gardening? Print a few business cards or make signs for community bulletin boards and you’re in business. Get the courage to share why you are soliciting jobs and you might be surprised at the cash flow this can generate.


Babysitting is not only for teens. As a parent of two, I would be delighted to find responsible grown ups to leave my kids for an afternoon or evening. In most areas of the country the pay for sitters is upwards of $10 an hour and in some areas it’s $20.
Consider hosting a parent’s night out one night a week and charge a flat fee per child for an evening of fun.

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