Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adopting Princess Margaret

Today when I was sitting down to write about my decision to adopt Buddy, I got sidetracked. By our new(ish) puppy, Maggie. She was scratching at my leg, whining to be picked up and was making a general nuisance of herself. I picked her up for a cuddle. She snuggled in under my chin, her long, coltish legs folded underneath her and gave a contented sigh. I rubbed her favorite spot behind her ear and made room for her in my lap.

It occurred to me as I cuddled Princess Margaret that what we what we wish for and what we get are often two different things. I thank God every day for my two little unanswered prayers sleeping soundly upstairs...

But back to Princess Margaret.

I love dachshunds. You know, the little wiener dogs? I had one growing up named Pluto and in my early 20’s, a friend bought me one to cheer me up when I got divorced. Her name was Lady Cecelia Catherine, CeeCee and she was a long haired blank and tan. My friend Betty had a dachshund named Oliver and together they made PJ, Lillian and Zebediah. I gave PJ to my niece but the rest we kept. So I’ve spend the bulk of my adult life with a pack of dachshunds.

Now, dachshunds are super intelligent, opinionated and a lot like cats, only in ornery doggie bodies. They care little about pleasing their owners, get into trouble on a regular basis, are difficult to housetrain and are NOT good with children. This is in general, of course, there are exceptions. My Cecelia was willful, stubborn, sassy and absolutely beautiful. At the beginning of 2008 our little pack of geriatric dachshunds were all having some health issues. One by one they passed away this year. CeeCee, the last one and the oldest one died in her sleep in the fall at the age of 16. I was heartbroken.

We have a wonderful half black lab, half golden retriever named Chloe but I really missed having a lap dog. I thought about it for awhile and decided I’d look for one in the spring. Prime potty training weather for a dachshund. They don’t like to drag their belly’s in the snow and they don’t like to be out weather that’s too hot.

But then Christmas came along and my aunt asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I thought about it...and thought about it. Besides a call from my agent telling me my book has sold or finding a million dollars in my sock drawer, I couldn't think of anything to put on my list. I'm a pretty blessed woman.

I thought and I thought and I couldn't think of a thing. Except one.

I decided to find a rescued dachshund. A friend who lives in Ohio saw a picture in the newspaper of a pair of dachshunds, Holly and Molly. They were in Paulding Ohio at the dog pound. I also found them on the Internet and saw their picture, just a head shot. They were adorable.

The only time the Paulding Co. dog pound is open in on Fridays from 2-5pm and they don't have anyone that answers the phone. So my friend Betty and Buddy made the hour trip Friday afternoon. They were the first ones there and had to wait. Several others arrived after them, all there for these two dachshunds. One man came from Cleveland! Anyway, Molly had found a home the day before and only Holly was left. Buddy was beside himself with excitement so it was a good thing they were first!

They signed one paper and gave them $50. No references, no home visit, no letter from our vet (all required from our local Animal Control and the Dachshund Rescue Organization) Holly was ours!

Now, Holly is not Holly and also not a dachshund! If I couldn't tell by her longer legs, I certainly would have known because she came housebroken. Holly is now Princess Margaret Sellers, Maggie for short, and is, we think, a Miniature Pincher. She’s great with the kids, great with our Chloe and I know I already mentioned it, but housebroken.

She is a cuddler and loves nothing more than to curl up in my lap on a cold winter’s night. She is the perfect dog for us, long legs and all, and proof to me once again our lives seldom go the way we've planned, but that's okay. The fortunate thing is, while we might not always get exactly what we wish for, we generally get exactly what we need.


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