Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Ideas...

On-line Sales

This is also something I did a lot of. I sold excess collectibles on eBay and books on Amazon. It adds up very quickly and soon word spread and lots of people were giving me their old books to sell as well.

Get a Second Job or Work Overtime

This would be difficult to do with other children in the home, but doable for some with extra time on their hands. I have also heard of parents who have done customer service from home as well as mystery shopping on the weekends.


There are several websites available to find freelance work., bills themselves as the world’s largest service marketplace. There are others including and
I earned several hundred dollars by writing catalog copy for ecommerce sites. I described lamps, wallpaper, mirrors, pictures, wedding favors and picnic baskets.If writing hundreds of product descriptions doesn’t seem up your alley, there are many other offerings to choose from including website design, finance and accounting, administrative projects and telemarketing, just to name a few.

Churches and Organizations

Churches and other service organizations are often more than happy to help with fundraising for your adoption. Even if you don’t feel comfortable asking for donations of cash, there are plenty of ways people can get involved.
If you are adopting internationally, many programs ask you to bring orphanage donations. If you’re fully decked out in baby gear, have a donations shower instead.

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