Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fifi and Buddy

I've been thinking about how to ID my kids on this blog. For security purposes, most moms who blog don't use their kids actual names. So I'll be calling me daughter, who was adopted first in 2002, the name she first called herself, Fifi. I'll call me son what we called him when he was a baby and that's Buddy.

Coming Soon:

Things to think about when you adopt.
And our very first adoption story! (besides mine)
The second time around decision.


  1. Well this is a fun find!

    I like the adage "When you have heard one adoption story, you have heard ONE adoption story". They are each so unique, just like our kids, even though they have some common threads running through them. I am looking forward to reading more, I love these stories since they represent new life, new love, unforeseen struggles and newfound wisdom.

    I'd like to hear everybody's pre-conceptions about adoption, or the process and how that worked or did not through it all. For example, my husband and I declared many "absolutes" when we began - we would adopt out of our own ethnicity, only go where it took one trip to adopt, adopt quickly, go with a large accredited agency, adopt a baby, not a toddler, never be Russia, and then that morphed for my husband into that he would never fly Aeroflot. The list goes on and I am reminded of the other adage..."when man plans, God laughs" as we completed a long, hard adoption that took years, in the hardest region of Russia, with 5 trips over to adopt our lovely toddler.

  2. Trish,

    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you like the blog. Please feel free to spread the word to others!


  3. Trish, your last paragraph was totally US! We said, never Russia, only ASIA, only a baby, etc etc...and now, we're adopting from Russia, a toddler 18 months to 3 years! I totally laughed and so did my husband when we read that. I love how God works...he totally laughed at us...and I'm glad we can now laugh at ourselves for not letting him do the leading when we were totally going in the wrong direction. I so hope we don't have to go to Russia 5 times...but I wouldn't be surprised in the least! :-) Thanks for sharing. If you have a blog...I'd love to read your story.

    Carala from Canada

    **thanks Julie for this blog....I'm excited to read more. Thanks to Stacy for sharing her story...I actually met Stacy for coffee one day not long ago and am so excited for her to bring her son home! She has one incredible story!

  4. Five times even beats me! I've been to Russia 4 times...but it was for two kids. My friends all to get talking about everywhere they've traveled and I've just been to Russia...and all of the places I changed planes. Frankfort, Korea, etc.